How to Find Cheap Holidays

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With the economy in crisis, we all want to get away from the depressing atmosphere of the UK, not to mention the cold, miserable weather, but finding cheap holidays can be a nightmare. There are a few bits of advice you could follow to make sure you are able to fit in your holidays this year and one of them is to be flexible, very flexible!

By being flexible with your holiday’s plans, you can make sure you get the cheapest package holidays you can. Package holidays have been popular since the early 1960’s and they are slowly coming down in price, therefore matching most budgetary requirements. This is good for families looking to go somewhere nice and warm, particularly as many companies today offer free child places for families with kids within a certain age bracket. You will need to keep an eye on the small print for these free child places however, as sometimes they can end up costing you more in hidden fees, but if you are sensible shop around, the chances are you will find activities at the destinations you want and that are within the budget you have set.

Being flexible in regards to the destination you wish to travel to and the dates which you have chosen, can prove to be ideal when looking for cheap holidays, especially if you are looking to book a last minute deal. Although booking well in advance is normally the way to go with package holidays, having a look at the last minute deals can also prove to be very effective when you need to save money, with the only drawback being that sometimes the deals will not be available on the days you have set.

When thinking about the time you wish to go on holidays, booking outside of peak periods will often prove to be a lot cheaper than booking during peak times. Peak times are classed as times such as the kids being off school or occasions like Christmas or New Year, Easter and other public holidays. Booking within these times will increase your expenses by quite a lot so look for cheaper holidays outside of these periods.

Using price comparison sites such as is a useful way of searching for cheap holidays. With a few small details, such as the times that you wish to go on holiday, where you want to go, where you will be departing from and also how many people will be travelling, these sites will provide you with a list of holidays that meet your requirements or the ones that are closest to them. This means that in a few moments you will have a complete list of holidays that you could possibly go on right on your computer screen and all that is left to do is to pick, book and pack your cases!

Once you’ve found your cheap holiday don’t forget to shop around for the cheapest travel insurance!